About Us

Tampered Minds is a Non-profit outdoor lifestyle brand that promotes living life to the fullest and breaking the mold of every day mundane life. We have programs to help those in need and "Do Something" about it. Help us in donating or purchase our apparel to fund our children's outreach programs and homeless assistance programs. 

Exploring the outdoors and experiencing nature is one of the most rewarding ways of life. We camp, ride, hike, live fit outdoors and travel the world. Dirt and asphalt
are our domain and the forests, deserts and beaches are our homes. "Tampered Minds Live Life" is what we live by and we live outside the norm. Escape the monotony of every day life and relax. Recharge and soak in the reality of nature's beauty while wearing our outdoors clothing.

Follow us in our journey and join us to feel the the reward of experiencing the outdoors. If you aren't able to get out there and experience all of these things FOLLOW US @tamperedminds on Facebook and Instagram and experience it through our page.